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Elizabeth Gorman Fitness Coach Naples Florida


I'm Elizabeth,
Your Personal
Fitness & Lifestyle Expert

Welcome to your go-to place for wellness and transformation. I am a passionate and certified fitness expert with years of experience offering a holistic, attentive approach to personal fitness, nutrition and a healthy all around lifestyle.

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As a personal fitness coach, I am more than just a trainer; I consider myself your wellness guide, your health guru, and your steadfast supporter throughout your health and fitness journey.

My Fitness Training and Nutrition Coaching certifications mean I strive to combine clean eating, proper exercise, and mindfulness techniques into personalized fitness programs that fit your lifestyle, body type, and specific health goals. I firmly believe in the mind-body connection and integrate this philosophy into all of the fitness programs I design. My approach doesn't just aim to transform your body; it's also there to improve mental health, bring balance, and stimulate positive lifestyle changes.


+ Certified Personal Fitness Trainer

+ Holistic Fitness and Nutrition Coach

+ Wellness Guide and Fitness Specialist

+ Professional Health and Fitness Consultant

+ Expert Fitness Coach and Nutrition Advisor

Elizabeth Gorman Fitness Coach Naples Florida
Elizabeth Gorman Fitness Coach Naples Florida

an avid outdoor enthusiast and devoted mother who passionately infuses my love for nature and holistic living into my role as a certified personal fitness trainer and nutrition coach. When I'm not busy with clients, you'll often find me hiking, practicing yoga, or in the kitchen preparing wholesome, delicious meals for my family. My dedication to spreading the importance of holistic well-being makes me a guiding light and inspiration for those on a journey towards a healthier and happier life.

My personal journey
to a healthy 

I'm Elizabeth...

Working with Elizabeth was the best investment I've ever made in my business, hands down.


It all began when exploring the powerful synergy between physical fitness and mindful nutrition transformed my personal well-being journey. 

Encountering an imbalance between my own lifestyle and health aspirations, I embarked on an adventure to achieve optimal health through holistic wellness.


As I integrated fitness and nutrition principles, I experienced a shift in energy levels, mental clarity, and emotional resilience - revealing the remarkable impact of holistic health on every facet of life. Intrigued and inspired by these life changing results, I obtained certifications as a personal fitness trainer and nutrition coach to help others unlock their full wellness potential.

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Each individual's needs are unique, and require custom-tailored plans; there's no one size fits all in health.

Holistic Health

Wellness encompasses physical, mental, and emotional health, all connected and vital for

a balanced lifestyle.


My goal is to help clients grow in their own wellness journeys, inspiring sustainable, long-term change.

Elizabeth Gorman Fitness Coach Naples Florida

Let's Start This 

Journey Together


Ready to transform your lifestyle and experience the power of holistic wellness? Get in touch with Elizabeth Gorman today and let's embark on this rewarding journey together, crafting a personalized path to healthier living and lasting balance.


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