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Certified Fitness trainer Florida


From personalized fitness programs to
mindful nutrition 

As a professional certified fitness trainers and nutrition coach, I work closely with clients, understanding their unique health goals and lifestyles. This individualized, client-centric approach enables me to design customized solutions meticulously tailored to fit each person's distinct needs and preferences. My unwavering commitment to holistic wellness ensures that I empower clients to conquer new milestones, feel empowered in their own health journeys, and experience the multitude of benefits that come with fostering a lifestyle rooted in wellness.

Take it from me. You can do it on your own, but it's a lot harder.  

Achieving and maintaining a state of health and wellness is not unattainable; it is very much within your reach. However, the journey can be significantly more challenging when you attempt to walk it alone. It's not impossible, but having professional guidance can provide the tools, strategies, and motivation to overcome hurdles, keeping you accountable and on track towards your goals. In essence, you can do it on your own, but it's a smoother, more effective path with expert support.

Elizabeth Gorman Fitness Florida
Work out coach Florida

"Health isn’t about being "perfect" with food or exercise or herbs. Health is about balancing those things with your desires. It's about nourishing your spirit as well as your body." 




Each individual's needs are unique, and require custom-tailored plans; there's no one size fits all in health.

Holistic Health

Wellness encompasses physical, mental, and emotional health, all connected and vital for

a balanced lifestyle.


My goal is to help clients grow in their own wellness journeys, inspiring sustainable, long-term change.

Nutrition Coaching Florida
  • Nutrition Coaching

  • Pantry reform

  • Recipe curation 

  • Tips on how to eat while dining out and traveling

  • Supplement recommendation and management



Fitness instructor Florida
  • Assessments

  • Customized Workout Plans

  • Motivation & Accountability

  • Proper Exercise Techniques

  • Group Fitness Sessions

Fitness Coaching


Lifestyle and Fitness coach
  • Mind-Body Wellness

  • Stress Management

  • Sleep Quality

  • Positive Thinking

  • Personal Growth

Lifestyle Services



These are the kind of jaw-dropping results that make my clients keep coming back.

Client A

Lost 20 pounds over a 3-month period, reducing their body fat percentage by 5%, and significantly improving their overall health by incorporating a personalized exercise routine along with improved nutrition.

Client B

Increased their cardiovascular endurance by 40% after six months of targeted training and lifestyle modifications. They report a higher energy level during their daily activities and reduced resting heart rate.

Client C

Decreased their blood pressure by an average of 15/10 mmHg within two months, with a combination of regular exercise, stress reduction techniques, and improved dietary habits. 

Client D

Gained 10 pounds of lean muscle mass and improved their overall strength levels by 35% over a four-month period through a dedicated strength training program and proper nutritional guidance.

Client E

Overcame emotional eating tendencies and lost 30 pounds within six months by implementing cognitive-behavioral strategies alongside a personalized fitness and nutrition plan. 

Client F

Improved their flexibility and joint mobility by 30% after three months of practicing yoga and engaging in targeted stretching exercises. Reduced lower back pain and enhanced overall functional movement.


Get ready for life changing 
results like these

Improved Physical Health: Regular exercise and good nutrition can lead to weight loss, increased strength, more energy, improved cardiovascular health, and a boosted immune system.

Enhanced Mental Wellbeing: Physical activity has been linked to improved mental wellbeing. It can help reduce symptoms of depression and anxiety, improve mood, enhance resilience to stress, and boost overall cognitive function including memory and concentration.


Increased Confidence: Achieving personal health and fitness goals, whether it's losing weight, gaining muscle, or simply feeling fitter, can greatly improve self-confidence. This can positively affect all aspects of life including career, relationships, and general self-perception.


Better Sleep: Regular physical activity and a healthy diet have been linked to improved sleep quality. This can lead to increased energy during the day, improved mood, better immune function, and enhanced overall health and wellbeing.


Increased Lifespan: Research has shown that a healthy lifestyle that includes regular physical activity, a balanced diet, and good sleep habits can increase longevity. By reducing the risk of chronic diseases, a healthy lifestyle can result in a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life.

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